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it is a communication platform
between employers and IT employees.

Our tools allow:

  • creating specialist and technical job offers
  • presenting technical profiles of companies, their achievements and job specifics
  • direct communication of employee with potential employer

About us people icon Bulldogjob People

  • Marcin Jackowski - CFO

    Marcin Jackowski

    Co-owner /CFO
  • Iwona Tur - CEO

    Iwona Tur

    Co-owner / CEO
  • Adam Kukołowicz - CTO

    Adam Kukołowicz

    Co-owner / CTO
  • Sebastian Badura - RoR Developer

    Sebastian Badura

    Ruby on Rails Developer
  • Grzegorz Głogowski - Graphics

    Grzegorz Głogowski

  • Zoya :)


    Head of Hedonism
  • Maciej Kucharczyk - B2B Relationship Manager

    Maciej Kucharczyk

    b2b Relationship Manager
  • Monika Dolecka - B2B Relationship Specialist

    Monika Dolecka

    b2b Relationship Specialist
  • Marysia Zielińska - Support Hero

    Marysia Zielińska

    Support Hero
  • Alicja Kempisty - Support Hero

    Alicja Kempisty

    Support Hero
  • Tomek Moor - Digital Marketing Manager

    Tomek Moor

    Digital Marketing Manager

About us best icon The best IT employer
according to Bulldogjob

  • Innovative
    Development through innovations.
    Introduces changes and new
    technological and business solutions.
  • Flexible.
    Allows employees' development, learning, changing departments and projects.
  • Has good reputation.
    Takes care of its internal and external image.
  • Financially stable.
  • High level recruitment:
    Recruitment process based on openness and will to get to know another person's skills and potential.
    Recruiting person does not compromise as regards HR matters.
  • Has a room for employees ideas.
  • Provides internal trainings.
    They are delivered by experienced employees.
  • Has clear remuneration and bonusing rules.
  • Applies software production conventions
  • Provides employer friendly office and work regulations.
    Facilitates work life balance.
  • Managers combine technical and managerial skills.
  • Takes care of communication with employees.
    Says about company events.
    Informs them about company events. Informs them about what happens to their products.
  • Shares profit with employees.
    Pays well.

About us tools icon Bulldogjob Tools

they have one purpose:
to connect employers and IT employees with each other.

Each of them works so that employers can present themselves and allow employees to learn more about development prospects on IT job market.

  • Employer's profiles.Technical card of a company.
  • Specialist job offers. They include answers to questions frequently asked by employees during interview.
  • Hallmark to job offer. It distinguishes job offer in terms of graphics and especially provides it with solid factual content.
  • Company's articles This is a great tool to present your company's achievements.
  • Opinions about interview Learn more about recruitment process at a given company from employee point of view.
  • Observe offers. Receive selected job offers to your e-mail address.
  • Ask the employer If anyone would like to know more.
  • Recommend offer Recommendation is the best form of recruitment.

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We are constanly growing

  • During the last 3 months we've been visited by 176 500 people from IT sector
  • 53% people from this group come back several times a month.
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