Senior Angular/Symfony Developer

11 000 - 15 000
net / month

Senior Angular/Symfony Developer

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5next Software Limited
Online interview
Remote possible

Project description

We require a developer with extensive knowledge of Angular/Symfony to join our team and take our MVP application (  to the next level. If you are well-versed in either of these frameworks, we would like to hear from you as you might be suitable to join our team.

Summary of tasks:

  • Notification and messaging systems
  • Writing fast/efficient data science & machine learning algorithms (working with a data scientist)
  • Adding internationalization support to the application for 4 languages
  • Dynamically creating PDF reports with bespoke analytical graphs
  • Creating secure role-based portals for different user types
  • Optimizing code and query performance for quicker request->response times (e.g. caching, data consolidation, efficient use of doctrine entities)
  • If skill/experience exists, work on a native mobile application that integrates with social apps and native features
  • And more features being defined

Description of duties:

  • Add required functionality to our existing MVP
  • Transform mockups and requirements specifications to scalable code
  • Provide documentation and unit tests for all features
  • Write clean, efficient and scalable code
  • For frontend work, write semantic html and efficient css following a componentized style guide (using flex and grid where applicable)
  • Report to CTO a few times a week for progress reports

Who we're looking for?


  • Must be able to demonstrate advanced programming skills and good use of design patterns
  • Experience with software testing methods
  • Ability to work to deadlines without sacrificing code quality
  • Excellent communication skills with the rest of the team
  • Git source control


  • Min. 3 years experience building Symfony applications and understanding core concepts (e.g. event dispatching, voters, firewall setup)
  • Be able to translate data science models into fast/scalable implementation (e.g. custom C++ extension for PHP)
  • Be familiar with building APIs and related concepts (e.g. caching, idempotency, security, authentication/authorisation)
  • Ability to optimise code for performance gains and be able to efficiently use memory (e.g. avoiding code smells such as creating closures within loops, passing by reference where applicable, not filling up memory with Doctrine entities)


  • Min. 3 years experience building Angular applications (not AngularJS)
  • Have worked with NGRX and RxJS extensively
  • Solid CSS skills (including Flex/Grid)
  • Ability to create clean, semantic HTML
  • Ability to optimise code for performance gains (e.g. efficient use of pipes, understanding change detection, memoization and pure functions)

Nice to have:

  • Software Engineering or Computer Science background
  • Experience building mobile applications (ideally Nativescript)


How we work?

How we manage our projects?
Project management software
How we code?
Version control
Style guide
Code review
Static code analysis
How we test?
Unit tests
Manual testing
Work environment
Flexible working hours

Our company

5next Software Limited

London, Hull 5
Tech skills
  • Symfony
  • Angular
  • PHP

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