Senior DevOps Engineer

  • GSK Tech Centre
  • Poznań
  • Employment contract


Experience level: Senior

Basic qualifications:

  • Experience of DevOps implementation across the full stack (Database, Services, Code, Deployment & Monitoring) 
  • Experience of at least one Cloud platform (Azure, GCP etc) 
  • Experience of version control and code branching strategies 
  • Experience of Unit Test, Test-Driven Development and Code Analysis Tooling (SonarQube etc) 
  • Experience of at CI-CD Pipeline implementation and at least one tool (Azure Pipelines, Jenkins, TeamCity etc) 
  • Experience in at least one scripting language (Bash, Python, Ruby etc) 
  • Experience in at least one programming language (C++, Java, Scala etc) 
  • Experience in at least one configuration management tool (Puppet, Ansible, Chef etc) 
  • Experience in virtualization and containerization (Docker etc) 

Preffered qualifications:

  • Experience in chaos engineering within a DevOps environment 
  • Experience of AI and Machine Learning implementations in the cloud 
  • Data Driven Data Modelling


Necessary on this position:
  • Azure or GCP or AWS
  • Jenkins or TeamCity
  • Bash or Python or Ruby
  • C++ or Java or Scala
  • Puppet or Ansible or Chef
  • Docker

Project you can join

Now is an exciting time to join R&D Tech organization and drive a change in the way we use technology, presenting an opportunity to adopt disruptive solutions to help drive our digital transformation. The Senior DevOps Engineer will play an important part in supporting and implementing a DevOps stack to support the Product Teams within R&D, they will be responsible for enabling, advising, coaching and technical implementation of tooling and platforms which will accelerate our teams. 


The Senior DevOps Engineer will be responsible for technical direction, implementation & continuous improvement of R&D Tech systems so they align with Agile and DevOps Principles. They must demonstrate a wide range of engineering competencies across Software Development, Testing, Infrastructure Deployment & Monitoring (Both On-Prem & Cloud), Data Science/Analytics and Lifecycle Management. 

These responsibilities include some of the following: 

  • Implementation, support and maintenance of a DevOps stack which can be used across R&D Tech Product Teams. 
  • Using innovative tooling to automate quality material to ensure it remains at the heart of everything we do to maintain a full compliance to GSK Security, Quality, and Regulatory Standards, 
  • Proactively pursue tools and processes which can deliver continuous improvement to enhance user productivity, increase system reliability & resiliency and reduce total cost of ownership 
  • Maintain technical support documentation and guidance so Product Teams have the material and assets to enable their journey in DevOps 
  • Take part in experimentation and innovation to drive persistent improvement, with the reduction in technical debt and risk as a core principle of engineering within R&D Tech. 
  • Work to enable, advise and coach Product Teams so that they can take ownership of their DevOps stack. 
  • Provide technical director for DevOps across solution groups and third parties, fostering and maintaining close links with those areas. 
  • Contribute and engage with engineering capability across GSK, both internal and external third parties to ensure our processes and practices meet a shared goal across tech. 
  • Work closely with the rest of the Strategy, Design & Test Team engineering teams. Ensuring that DevOps, Test, QA and UX are closely aligned on engagements with Product Teams.


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