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You will find out what questions to ask when creating a persona.
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You will discover new sources of candidates form IT industry.
engaging content
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perfectly matched job offers
You will notice how to create effective job offers.
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analyzed articles
months of research
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Content marketing is undoubtedly one of the most important ways to communicate with target groups in recruitment and EB activities. But at the same time, the most difficult way because of the manner of consuming content that the Internet users with mobile devices have.
Szymon Motławski
Empoloyer Branding Art Director @ Pracownia EB
Content is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, regular, authentic, qualitative content to attract and retain a clearly defined target group.
Maja Gojtowska
Employer Branding Consultant, Blogger @

Iwona Tur

CEO & Co-Owner @ - The space for IT people
2017 saw employers jumping through burning hoops to attract talents – especially in the IT industry. Some tried serving free coffee, others went for doughnuts, the extravagant promised a ride in a red Ferrari. It ”doesn’t” work. Thus, we decided to create a simple guide using the example of Netguru company. It shows how content employer branding allows to build a strong employers brand that people just want to work for.

Iwona Tur

CEO & Co-Owner @ - The space for IT people

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