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Angular egghead 7 - Angular built in filters

  • Language JavaScript
Angular egghead is set of tests which depends on Egghead lessons. This exercise tests your knowledge about angular built in filters.

Exercise 7: Angular built-in filters


In this application you are supposed to use existing AngularJS filters. You should start with the provided list of users which is supposed to be sortable and you should limit the number of results.


Limit the number of displayed records with the radio button (default limit should be 15). Afterwards, update the ability to sort data by column names by creating reverseSort function that sort the data in ascending and descending orders. The table should be sorted default by id (column name kept in $scope .choice).

After changing the order in some column and picking another one by click, the column should be sorted alphabetically. Take a look at orderBy documentation to see examples.

Hint! The order of orderBy and limitTo is relevant.

Examples of results:

  • set limit to 1
Id User Name Full Name Gender
8 mbanks7 Martha Banks Female
  • type female into search input
Id User Name Full Name Gender
5 swatson4 Shirley Watson Female
8 mbanks7 Martha Banks Female
11 eturnera Elizabeth Turner Female
14 aboydd Angela Boyd Female
15 farmstronge Frances Armstrong Female

Before you start, please refer to


You should have npm, bower, grunt-cli packages installed to run this example.

To install dependencies

npm install

bower install

To start application in live reload mode

grunt serve


To run jshint:

grunt jshint:default

Run tests

To run unit tests in development mode:

grunt test:dev

To run e2e tests in development mode:

grunt test:e2e

To run jshint, tests and coverage:

npm test

Good luck!

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