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Angular egghead 15 - Isolate Scope Review

  • Language JavaScript
Angular egghead is set of tests which depends on Egghead lessons. This exercise tests your knowledge about isolate scope.

Exercise 15 : Isolated Scope Review


Use the arcane knowledge of scope isolation to successfully complete the task. You are provided with an unfinished template (boxTemplate.html) with a form. Implement a directive that will allow you to set the size of the box in each form, set colour in all forms when you change it in one, and display information about the box.


  • use size, color, open as names of isolated scope properties
  • color should be selected from the list
  • button in each of the forms should show an alert with information about the name, size and colour of a specific form
  • display size of the box in h3 tag
  • the size of the displayed box should change according to the size property and you should add appropriate attribute to ng-style="{\'background-color\':color}"
  • use the directive to create three forms with different box sizes (50px,70px,90px)

Before you start, please refer to


To install dependencies

npm install

bower install

To start application in live reload mode

grunt serve


To run jshint:

grunt jshint:default

Run tests

To run unit tests in development mode:

grunt test:dev

To run e2e tests in development mode:

grunt test:e2e

To run jshint, tests and coverage:

npm test

Good luck!

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