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Bower dependencies

  • Language JavaScript
Resolve bower package conflicts.

Bower dependencies


In this task, you have to deal with package conflicts. This app uses AngularJS, AngularUI, typeahead.js, fuelux and Angular-Bootstrap. These libraries have transitive dependencies that may conflict with one another.


Modify bower.json file so that next bower install does not ask any question and the app works properly. When dependency conflicts are resolved correctly, you should see properly working Typeahead, Checkbox - fluent and Checkbox with buttons.


To install dependencies

npm install

To start application in live reload mode

grunt serve


To run jshint:

grunt jshint:default

Run tests

To run e2e tests in development mode:

grunt test:e2e

To run jshint, tests and coverage:

npm test

Before you start, read about


Good luck!

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