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Angular egghead 18 - Thinking differently about organization

  • Language JavaScript
Organizing controllers and directives by collecting them into objects.

Exercise 18: Thinking differently about organization


You are provided with an application that has many controllers, directives and filters. Reorder and group the entries to make them easier to read.


  • move all the controllers to the object calcAppElements.controllers
  • move all the directives to the object calcAppElements.directives

Before you start, please refer to


To install dependencies

yarn install
bower install
yarn run webdriver-manager-update

To start application in live reload mode

grunt serve


To run jshint:

grunt jshint:default

Run tests

To run unit tests in development mode:

grunt test:dev

To run e2e tests in development mode:

grunt test:e2e

To run jshint, tests and coverage:

yarn test

Good luck!

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