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PostgreSQL - CRUD

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Provide SQL schema and perform basic CRUD operations.

PostgreSQL - CRUD


Provide SQL schema and perform basic CRUD operations.


Create car schema with automatically generated id (1,2,3...) according to the structure below (solution/schema.sql):

id (PK)
brand STR
yearofmanufacture INT
color STR
weight FLOAT
secondhand BOOL

To the car table, add two rows with data like these below (solution/insert.sql):

id brand yearofmanufacture color weight secondhand
1 Bentley 1988 red metallic 1002.72 false
2 Suzuki 2002 silver 1787.25 true

Then execute queries, which:

  • choose the name and weight of the heaviest car of all vehicles (solution/select_the_heaviest_car.sql)
brand weight
Suzuki 1787.25
  • choose the brand, year of production and color of all unused cars, produced in 2000 (or below), whose colour is a variation of red, sorted by the earliest year of production (solution/select_unused_cars.sql)
brand yearofmanufacture colour
Tata 1981 red
Bentley 1988 red metallic
  • change the oldest car as used (solution/update.sql)

  • remove all used cars, which in 2000 were more than 10 years old (solution/delete.sql)


Install dependencies

npm install

Database connection

You are required to provide valid connection to working PostgreSQL instance. This scaffolding is tested on PostgreSQL 9.4, however it should work on other database server versions. If you have just installed the fresh version of PostgreSQL server, don't forget to enable listening, setting listen_address = 'localhost' in PostgreSQL configuration file (on most *nix system it's located at /etc/postgresql/9.4/main/postgresql.conf). You may also have to adjust Host Based Authentication Policy that is described in pg_hba.conf file (recommended authentication method is MD5).

User, database and schema

Configuration on *nix systems

You can manually prepare database connection or use the command below that will create the user, database, and set appropriate ownerships. Command below must be run from postgres system user (switch to root user then switch to postgres by su postgres). When prompted for password, enter realskill. createuser realskill -P && createdb realskill -O realskill && psql -d realskill -c 'ALTER SCHEMA public OWNER TO realskill;'

Configuration on Windows systems

Using GUI tools

Use pgadmin to set the following configuration: user: realskill password: realskill database: realskill schema: public Database and schema owner must be set to realskill user.

Using command line

Open Windows Command Prompt as administrator (see help).

Create user realskill with realskill password.

createuser -P -U postgres -W realskill

You will be prompted for new user password twice, then postgres superuser password (default is postgres).

Create database realskill and set ownership to user realskill (you will be prompted for postgres password).

createdb -O realskill -U postgres -W realskill

Change the schema public (of realskill database) ownership to user realskill (you will be prompted for postgres password).

psql -d realskill -U postgres -W -c "ALTER SCHEMA public OWNER TO realskill;"

Alternative configuration

All you need is to install docker and docker-compose

Then you can prepare the environment for the task on each system and not worry about configuration thanks to the command:

docker-compose up

Don't forget to turn off PostgreSQL if you have it already installed.

Run tests

grunt test

Good luck!

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