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Sign in exercise I

  • Language JavaScript
Angular sign in exercise. The main point of this exercise is to create an example authentication solution for a web app using angular ui-router. Exercise consist of three parts and each part is based of the previous one - please start from exercise I.

Auth App Exercise

Part I - API authentication


This is an application with simple token based authentication.

The application provides API for authenticating the user based on credentials (username and password). We want to authenticate an existing user or to create a new one, and provide them with access to the resources available only to the registered users.


Implement simple service methods that will be used for authentication using REST. You are given a few mocked endpoints that are required for the application to run. Moreover, use $cookies to persist token for the user. We need the following services:

  AuthService (auth-service.js)


* isAuthenticated() - it returns boolean value if the token cookie is set
* login(name, password) - authenticate the user given the name (user name) and password. Set token cookie. It should return a promise.
* logout() - de-authenticate the user and remove the token cookie. It should return a promise


  UserService (user-service.js)


* getCurrent() - get current user 'name' using XHR Authorization token headers
* register(name, password) - register the user given the new name (user name) and password. It should automatically login the new user.


Get current user

GET /user/current

It returns the current user object {name: }

Register new user

POST /user/register

It returns authentication token for the new user {token: } if registration was successful

Authenticate user

POST /auth/login

Provided correct login and password, it returns authentication token for the user {token: }

Unauthenticate user

POST /auth/logout

It returns no value


You should have npm, bower, grunt and grunt-cli packages installed to run this example. First, run sequentially:

npm install
bower install

To run the application, type:

grunt serve

It will run the application in your default system browser.

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