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Ruby errors, gotchas and Classes

  • Language Ruby
Exercises contain code with some common ruby gotchas. They should be fixed without rewriting whole code and making just minor changes.

Ruby errors, gotchas and Classes

Exercises 1-4

These exercises contain code with some common ruby gotchas. They should be fixed without rewriting the whole code and with introducing just minor changes.

Exercise 5

Implement iftrue and iffalse methods in TrueClass and FalseClass in order to check for condition without using if else keywords see lib/condition_validator.rb to see how it should work

Exercise 6

Implement a Car class with the following methods:

  • start - starts engine and sets its speed to a number given in options as start_speed symbol, or to 0
  • accelerate/1 - which should accept a number of km to accelerate - this method should update the car's speed (might accept negative values to decrease speed)
  • stop - which should stop the car
  • start, accelerate, and stop should take care of controlling car's engine(lib/engine.rb)
  • current_speed - should return cars speed as a string in format: "Current speed is X km/h"

Implement this class in a way to prevent engine from reporting Engine errors(see lib/engine). Analyze that class to see what it does. Make it possible to chain start, accelerate, and stop methods: @car.start.accelerate(10).stop


To install dependencies

bundle install

Run tests

To run tests execute

rake verify

Good luck!

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