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Symfony 2.8 - Exercise 1 - Create a page

  • Language Php
Basic routing and templating

Symfony 2.8 - Exercise 1 - Create a page


Basic routing and templating


Your task is to create a page accessed by path "/about".

You should create a page that has content listed below: * "About" in h1 tag * "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Amet assumenda distinctio incidunt inventore nulla omnis sit." in the element with class "story"

The expected result of php app/composer test-dox for the completed exercise is listed below: AppBundle\Tests\Controller\AboutController [x] Should display the proper heading and story


Most of the changes should lay in src dir. You can also modify templates in app/Resources/views. If needed, you can also modify config and other files in app dir.

If you want to see which goals you have achieved you should run: php app/composer test-dox. Each scenario with [x] has passed and those with [ ] still have to be done.

More info about errors during tests you can get by running tests with the command: php app/composer test

This task is considered completed when all tests are passing and when the code-sniffer and the mess-detector do not return errors or warnings (ignore the info about "Remaining deprecation notices" while testing).

Remember to commit changes before you change the branch.

Remember to install dependencies if you change the branch.

Helpful links

Please remember to read documentation for Symfony 2.8 because its newer and older versions may differ.


  • You must have PHP 5 installed with pdo_mysql and json extensions (the result of php -m should include pdo_mysql and json). On Debian based (Debian/Ubuntu/Mint) Linux you can install it using sudo apt-get install php5-mysql php5-json
  • In some cases installation of xml extension may be required for php (sudo apt-get install php-xml). Especially if you see Attempt to load class "DOMDocument" from global namespace


To install dependencies

php app/composer install

To run tests

php app/composer test

To run tests as documentation

php app/composer test-dox

To run static analytics mess detector

php app/composer mess-detector

To run static analytics code sniffer

php app/composer code-sniffer

To run php server

php app/console server:run

Now you can access the website via

Good luck!

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