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Servlet Authentication

  • Language Java
Secure resources using role-based approach.

Servlet Authentication


Secure resources using role-based approach.


Introduce authentication using standard form-based authentication and secure app using admin and user roles. Users and their roles are stored in H2 SQL database.

Table structure

user_name: varchar(255)
user_pass: varchar(255)
mood: varchar(5)
user_name: varchar(255)
role_name: varchar(255)

App ships with pre-configured DataSource jdbc/authority. You may use it to configure security realm and lookup user profile that should be displayed on mood page.

App consists of 5 pages:

  • home
  • mood
  • login
  • login error
  • Access denied error page
  • Resource not found error page
  • Users list page

Home page /

If user is authenticated it automatically redirects to /user/:username, where nickname is authenticated user's nickname. Otherwise it displays link to login page.

Mood page /user/:username

Shows user mood. Anyone can access this page, but only profile owner should see buttons to change mood. There should be button to choose happy mood and a button to choose sad mood.

Users that have not authenticated yet should see link to login page while authenticated users should see link to logout. After clicking logout user should be redirected to home page.

Login page /login

Shows login form with user name input (name=j_username), password input (name=j_password) and submit button (type=submit).

Login error page

Displayed when user provides invalid credentials. Shows Authentication error header and Username, password or role incorrect, try again message. When user clicks try again link they should be redirected to /login page.

Access denied error page

Should be displayed when authenticated user tries to access resources he does not have access to.

Resource not found error page

Should be displayed when user tries to access profile that does not exist.

Users list page /users

Shows list of users. Only user with admin role is allowed to see this page.

You are allowed to modify only existing files inside src/main!


To run the app:

mvn tomcat7:run

App will be now available at http://localhost:9090/app/

Default credentials :

Username Password
admin admin
user user

To run tests with chrome:

mvn test -Dbrowser=chrome

To run tests with phantomjs:

mvn test

To run tests and static analysis:

mvn verify

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