Python Developer
164 - 192
net / day (B2B)

Online interview
Remote possible

Your tasks

馃敼 Large-scale python development, deployment, and testing with a cloud-first strategy

馃敼 Automation (python + shell scripts) as key to qualitatively scaling our team

馃敼 A continuous integration and deployment infrastructure on the cloud

馃敼 Smart solutions including front- and back-end tasks, depending on your strengths

馃敼 Cross-functional teams, including developers, QA engineers, product managers, and product owners to fulfill our customers鈥 needs

馃敼 Depending on your skillset, you will work on frontend including new components within our style guide to unify the user experience across our platform or on back-office functionalities to fulfill the customer鈥檚 needs

馃敼 How to store, perform queries, and manage big data on/to different data sources (BigQuery, ElasticSearch, Postgres)

馃敼 All of the technologies we use. While each of us focuses on specific areas, we help each other and learn from each other

Project description

We are opening a new tech hub in Wroclaw for our partner ZAGENO! Therefore, we are looking for engineers to join our tech team! 馃

We are searching for a Python Developer to join our tech team! If you have a passion for technology, get things done and own what you build, question the status quo, then look no further!

Technologies & programming languages we use:
Python 3.6, BigQuery, Postgres 9.6, ElasticSearch 5.3, Django 1.11, Redis 3.2, Less CSS, and a super minimal JS library (a usable backend trumps a shiny frontend).

Who we're looking for?

馃敼 A true Python developer. You understand the pythonic way of writing things and different coding paradigms

馃敼 You must have used Python professionally for at least the last 3 years

馃敼 You have worked with Django

馃敼 You understand the ins and outs of what you are talking about. You don鈥檛 settle for 鈥瀢ell it works now鈥, but try to understand why it works or why it doesn鈥檛.

馃敼 You can analyze, plan and execute product developments

馃敼 A code without unit tests gives you nightmares

You will find the team a great fit if:

馃敼 You have an agile mindset willing to contribute to the team goals

馃敼 You understand that trust (goes both ways) is key for a healthy professional relationship with both your team and lead

馃敼 You are an honest and selfless player in a fair and selfless team. We will help you whenever you need it, and we would expect you to do the same with us. It鈥檚 not about you. It鈥檚 about all of us (all for 1 and 1 for all)

馃敼 You bring your ideas to the table, and you stand your ground when you believe in them. But also, you give others the chance to discuss their ideas

馃敼 You are excited about pushing forward for continuous improvement, scalability, and performance

馃敼 You speak Polish and English fluently

馃敼 Last, but not least, you are passionate and motivated about what you do and why you do it

How we manage our projects?
Opportunity to change between projects
How we test?
Test automation
Freedom to pick your tools
Operating system
Work environment
Flexible working hours
Business trips
7:00 - 17:00
Office hours
  • Conferences
  • Trainings

Our company

Wroc艂aw 15+
Tech skills
  • Symfony
  • Shopware

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