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We are looking for a Device Security engineer who can work on the entire technology stack; from device

hardware, firmware, through mobile applications, communication protocols, and into back-end cloud

software and infrastructure. We don't require 'full stack experience', but we do expect you to be a subject

matter expert in at least one area.

  • Collaborate with partners to identify, evaluate security requirements and incorporate into the system
  • Support partners to maintain security of system software
  • Work with partners to co-design their security features
  • Actively support our partners in security lifecycle management
  • Incorporate security best practices within the team


▪ Expertise in programming languages like Java,C,C++,Kotlin etc

▪ Deep knowledge of PKI namely, ciphers like AES,3DES, hash functions like MD5, SHA-1,2,3, cryptography like RSA,DSA,ECC

▪ Have worked with signing infrastructure like primekey/AWS for signing Android/Linux binaries

▪ Advanced knowledge of creating various device/client certificates with openssl and established, root-of-trust

▪ Have worked on securing device identity with factory key provisioning, device data confidentiality, with enabling disk-encryption, device integrity with secure boot/e-fuse, device attestation support with keybox, on mobile SOCs like Qualcomm,MediaTek, NxP and others

▪ Configuring security policies on Android for SE-Linux for various applications/services/processes.

▪ Advanced knowledge of Android application sandboxing and secure data sharing between different apps and services

▪ Have supported all aspects of device security on at least one commercial device

▪ Understand the tradeoff between security and ease-of-use/support

▪ Demonstrable experience with tailoring the security requirements in support of a device's or company's privacy goals.

▪ Advanced knowledge of revision control and code review tools like git, Gerrit and build infrastructure like Gradle, Maven, Jenkins


Security assessment methodologies:

  • Code comprehension in two or more languages (e.g. Java, C/C++, Kotlin)
  • Developing and running scripts for automated static code analysis and working with tools like Klocwork, Coverity, etc
  • Common security flaws in two or more modern tech stacks. For example:

▪ Android mobile applications/frameworks

▪ Linux

▪ Cloud-connected Services


Security by design:

  • Threat modelling (e.g. STRIDE, DREAD, etc.)
  • Securing IoT devices/appliances

Scripting & Automation:

  • Ability to automate common tasks in Python

Device Security Validation:

  • Have taken a device through penetration testing with external security partners
  • Worked with various stakeholders to mitigate threats found in penetration testing
  • Continue to drive security post-production

Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company is a global digital strategy and software engineering firm with over 17,000 international employees within its 58 offices in 29 countries. It is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. 

In January 2019, Luxoft was acquired by U.S. company DXC Technology. Luxoft partnered with LG Electronics to create a next-generation Autonomous Mobility concept vehicle that integrates consumers' personalized digital lifestyles into a driving experience. Luxoft enabled Switzerland's first Blockchain based e-vote platform with the City of Zug and Hochschule Luzern's Blockchain Lab.

Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company is a world-renowned company. It has been present on the Polish market for over 13 years. We have offices in Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Gdansk. We employ over 2,000 professional experts carrying out projects for over 100 clients from the financial, automotive, medical, tourist industries, etc. We work for many international clients, including the USA, Great Britain, and Switzerland.

So far, Luxoft Poland has made a name for itself as a company that offers work on innovative projects, we offer various experiences in the field of IT, opportunities for rapid development, an extensive training program, and attractive benefits for employees.

At present, 62% of Luxoft Poland employees come from Poland, and 38% from around 50 countries, including Ukraine, Brazil, India, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, USA, etc.

At Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company almost 80 percent of employees are experts with the "Senior" experience level, with at least five years of experience. We care about our employees, so every day we try to provide them with the best possible conditions for work and development.

Technology is our passion! We focus on top engineering talent means that you will be working with the best industry professionals from around the world. Because of that, Luxoft is a global family with an epic atmosphere – we love what we do!