• Collaborate across the team to ensure code is developed, tested, and deployed effectively through the software lifecycle
  • Commit to rigorous testing and review standards to maintain code quality
  • Be flexible and quick to embrace new technologies and changes, contributing to the evolution of our product offerings
  • Work in Agile
  • Demonstrate a passion for the technical and creative aspects of programming
  • Offer guidance and support to peers, including overseeing some management duties
  • Contribute to the recruitment efforts for expanding the development team
  • Enhance our methodology, documentation, and standards for best practice

  • multisport card
  • knowledge package 
  • health insurance 
  • access to the benefit platform

  • Knowledge of PHP 8
  • Knowledge of Symfony/Laravel
  • Knowledge of the RESTful API
  • Knowledge of PHPUnit
  • Knowledge of design patterns 
  • Knowledge of My SQL
  • Knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes
  • Knowledge of BDD/TDD/DDD be a plus



Hello, Sailor! We’ve been expecting you. Our cult of 80 is still hungry for new believers.

Develocraft is an international IT company based in Poland and the United Kingdom. Our mission is to inject more empathy into the business world in three key areas:

  1. We aim to create value for our clients by connecting them with the best tech talents and building effective technology teams. Yet, our job doesn’t stop there: we also believe in fostering strong, partner-based relationships, always ready to offer our best knowledge and advice.
  2. For our employees and the IT community, we strive to be an example of a fair environment that nurtures the development of their skills as professionals and individuals.
  3. Finally, we aspire to be one of the world's finest examples of how businesses can become big responsibly, respecting the rapid economic and cultural changes while addressing environmental issues and social disparities.