• Building and enhancing web-based trading platforms used by traders to execute equity trades, providing a smooth and efficient user experience

  • Designing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for trading applications, ensuring that traders can easily access and navigate through various functionalities

  • Creating interactive data visualization tools to display market data, stock prices, trends, and other relevant information in a clear and comprehensible manner

  • Optimizing frontend code for performance and scalability to ensure that trading platforms can handle high volumes of transactions and users without delays or downtime

  • Conducting usability testing and gathering feedback from traders to identify areas for improvement in the user experience and interface design

  • Salary based on B2B contract (via Devire) 170-200 pln/h net+vat
  • Private HealthCare
  • Sports card 
  • Life insurance
  • Working in the international environment
  • Hybrid (3 days office per week) work with supportive and positive environment

  • React, TypeScript, JavaScript, GraphQL, Node Js, SPA experiences must have
  • 7+ years of experience preferable Engineer/Science background must have
  • Advance English skills must have
  • Ability to work independantly  
  • Trading experience and Finance experience preferably
  • CMS, SEO, k8s, SDCL CI, Devops skills must have



Jesteśmy Devire – firmą rekrutacyjną, której celem jest łączenie świetnych ludzi ze świetnymi pracodawcami.

Niezależnie czy rozglądasz się za nową pracą na stałe czy projektem w formie współpracy B2B – możesz polegać na naszym wsparciu na każdym kroku.

Współpracujemy z pracodawcami z terenu całej Polski i realizujemy rekrutacje we wszystkich kluczowych obszarach technologicznych.