Senior Unity Rendering Engineer

Online interview
B2B Employment contract

Your tasks

  • Build a Unity application on embedded HW
  • Implement and prototype new ideas
  • Development of scripts, game logic and plugins
  • Game asset manipulation,
  • Analyse and fine-tune the rendering performance
  • Create new and existing functionalities and features
  • Extend and maintain tests and supporting tools
  • Collaborate with your local colleagues and remote team in California

Project description

Luxoft, in partnership with a client located in Bay Area (California), is searching for talented developers with a strong Unity background and graphics rendering experience to join our rapidly growing team in Gdansk.

As a Senior Unity Rendering Engineer, you will participate in building a Unity application on embedded hardware and prototype new ideas, in a team of experienced and passionate professionals.

Who we're looking for?

  • Very good knowledge of Unity, preferably gamedev working experience
  • Good command of C#
  • Working experience in developing realistic virtual environments using Unity
  • Experience with HDRP / LWRP
  • Knowledge of HLSL and shaders
  • Experience with game profiling, optimization, debugging
  • Deep understanding of .NET platforms and different frameworks
  • Experience with native modules for C#
  • Good command of C++
  • Understanding the specifics of virtual machine implementation
  • General understanding of GPU rendering pipeline
  • Willingness for implementation of Game Technologies in an industrial environment

Our company


Gdańsk, Wrocław, Warsaw, Krakow, Zug 13000
Tech skills
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • .Net

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