Data Visualisation/Full Stack Senior Software Developer

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Your tasks

  • Focus on front-end but not limited to.
  • Designs, develops and modifies code based on functional and system requirements.
  • Participate in testing process through unit and functional testing.
  • Perform development tool and environment design and configuration.
  • Support bug fixes, change requests and functional enhancement on the code.
  • Validates scope, plans and deliverables for assigned projects.
  • Responsible for overall technology direction for the assigned module/project.
  • Interacts with Design team and Test team for requirements and defects.
  • Write reusable, testable and efficient code
  • Design and implementation of data processing systems and software
  • Implementation of low-latency and highly available APIs
  • Support with implementation of user interfaces
  • Follow the change and Incident Management process

Project description

Since the 2008 financial crisis, regulators around the globe have implemented regulation to prevent the risk of, and consequences from, the failure of systemically relevant financial institutions. A key component of these regulations is the requirement for banks to prepare and implement Recovery and Resolution Plans (RRP), also known as "living wills", which outline how the bank would regain viability if under severe financial stress and the steps regulators, both local and home country, could take if needed to resolve the institution with minimal impact to the financial stability of the economy.

Credit Suisse submits an annual Global Recovery and Resolution Plan focused on recovery and resolution options that would be implemented in various stress scenarios, demonstrating the orderly wind-down of operations while ensuring the continuation of critical functions throughout the bankruptcy. In addition, Credit Suisse submits, on a regional basis, a number of Recovery & Resolution Plans to local supervisory authorities.

According to new regulations and external/internal requirements, reports, insights and predictions have to be provided more often, also on daily and intraday basis.

The overall RPP Program evaluates quickly and significantly. The scope of the program has been growing - it started from FMF (Financial Modeling and Forecasting), ViR (Valuation in Resolution) and FiR (Funding in Resolution), then incorporated UK OCiR (Operational Continuity in Resolution).

Recently Global Projections Program and GWD (Global Wind Down) Project were added to the scope.

The decision was made to move pivotal responsibilities from London to Wroclaw. The transformation process concerns:

  • Entire Projection Program (Balance Sheet and Off-BS Projections, 5 types of RWA projections). The Wroclaw team is solely responsible for the solution delivery (Technical Architecture, IT BA, IT Delivery, QA)
  • GWD (delivery in co-operation with a London team)

As for December 14th 2020, the team consists of 11 people based in Wroclaw and Krakow. The team grows following new responsibilities.

The team is managed by an experienced leader with 15+ years of experience in banking and modern technologies (e.g. ML, AI) across EMEA and JAPAC.

Currently the team incorporates one Solution Architect, one Business Architect, Scrum Master/QA, Developer Leader, DevOps Leader, Python, Spark, React, full-stack developers.

The team manager reports directly to a RRP program director based in Switzerland (CS HQ).

People based in Poland work closely with colleagues in London, the USA, Switzerland and Singapore.

Due to pandemic we work from home. To keep team spirit and share news related to work and not only have we had weekly virtual meetings.

We support each other to extend business and IT skills. Trainings are offered by the bank.

Who we're looking for?

  • Qlik
  • JavaScript/React skills are mandatory (React is desirable but other JavaScript frameworks will be considered)
  • Basic level Python or Java is mandatory
  • SQL skills are mandatory (ideally Oracle, however, knowledge of MySQL or PostgreSQL will be considered)
  • Openness to learn and apply new technologies
  • Team player (including Agile dev tools)documents, functional specifications
  • Knowledge of tools such as JIRA and Confluence
  • Experience in Financial industry
Java or Python

Our company


Gdańsk, Wrocław, Warsaw, Krakow, Zug 13000
Tech skills
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • .Net

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