Senior WordPress Developer

9 000 - 14 000
net / month (B2B)

Online interview
B2B Employment contract
Warsaw Lublin Remote
Remote possible

Project description

How we work

  • We use the newest technology. We utilize a local development environment based on Docker. We use WP CLI, CI/CD, and Gitlab. We engage in the OpenSource community by developer initiatives and actively support OpenSource solutions for Gutenberg: GutenbergJS and Gutenberg Cloud.

In the projects we work in the international teams with:

  • the project manager who is the first person to contact the client
  • UX/UI Designer who prepares all the needed assets and designs
  • the tester who makes sure the quality and coherence are consistent with the project requirements
  • developer who is responsible for the implementation

Projects we are proud of:

Digitalization for Safer Healthcare - Quality, safety and respect are the key values for this service and in everything they do. We are proud to have created digital products that help them provide better services to their clients and users.

Efficient Solution for Charity - Olive Grove Fundation, a UK based charity raising funds, was searching for a platform that would help them bring clean water to people in Africa. We designed and developed a responsive WordPress website that served that purpose elegantly.

Green Transformation - We help Fortum to optimize their web platform to create a better user experience, both for authors and customers, increasing satisfaction and sales.

Better Communication and Decision-Making for Better Schools - A platform that simplifies communication and decision-making between teachers, parents and children in schools. In 4 short months, our client went from an idea to a responsive application, ready to be implemented in schools.

Your tasks

  • full-stack web app architecture design
  • development of WordPress based applications for international clients
  • collaboration with a team of frontend and backend developers, testers and designers
  • working and communicating with our Polish and international partners

Who we're looking for?

Required qualifications and skills

  • Natural aptitude for problem-solving, supported by experience in the use of Google and StackOverflow
  • Willingness to develop and share knowledge – the development of a programmer benefits the company!
  • WordPress - at least 4 years of experience (or less if you manage to convince us that you are developing very fast)
  • MySQL/MariaDB – SQL, indexes, foreign keys. We don't throw logic into databases and we don't do triggers or stored functions, but some basics are required
  • NPM / Gulp - we love to make our work easier. We use various bundlers and boilerplates
  • GIT – daily work with a repo, without more serious stunts
  • Docker basics on an applicable level, really easy to grasp in a dozen or so hours of learning. We use a slightly modified Laradock
  • English at a communicative level – we work with customers from all over the world and it is a must, but you can find out that the client could happen to have poorer command of English than us and not make an issue out of it. Inside the company we have good English skills (we have to, otherwise we wouldn't get along with people from Norway or Portugal), so there is a good chance that you will make up for any deficiencies quickly
  • Initiative and ability to make decisions – we work with clients’ projects and aim to have a proactive approach
  • General communicativeness and teamwork skills
  • Hitting the right notes when singing at company events (unless you don't like singing at all and don't do it, then forget it, that's not an issue)

The technologies, skills and approaches we apply in our work other than already mentioned. You know them? Great! If you don't, we'll teach you:

  • Design patterns, clean code and clean architecture (and that SOLID again!)
  • Code review experience (we think this is a very important skill, both from the point of view of the code developer and the reviewer)
  • WP REST APIs – we like it when something looks nice and transparent
  • Gutenberg - not the one who invented print, but we appreciate you heard of him!
  • CSS Grid - we know Flexbox is enough, but CSS Grid makes us able to create awwwards-ish pages!
  • Scrum – we try to estimate how much time will be needed and for what, and then account for it at the end of the sprint, as well as justify the reason if it took a lot more time (true story, bro :()
  • Experience in working with CI/CD (GitLab, Jenkins) – this is where you get to see what tests are for, right?
  • More than minimal experience with Docker, docker-compose
  • ElasticSearch
  • Application scalability
  • good command of English to understand technical documentation (B1)

If you had any doubts at the beginning whether we can support you on your development path, then we hope you got rid of them by now. Send us your CV and portfolio. Should we think that there’s a chance we’ll get on well, we will contact you by phone. Everyone who takes part in an interview receives technical feedback within a few days, regardless of the outcome of the recruitment process. We are serious about what we do and hope we’ll find common ground.

How we code?
Version control
Style guide
Code review
Static code analysis
Knowledge database
How we test?
Unit tests
Integration tests
System tests
Manual testing
Test automation
Additional monitor
Freedom to pick your tools
Operating system
Work environment
Tech supervisor
Separate rooms
Flexible working hours
8 - 18
Office hours
  • Healthcare package
  • Healthcare package for families
  • Cold beverages
  • Hot beverages
  • Fruits
  • Snacks
  • Books
  • Conferences
  • Trainings
  • Integration events

Recruitment process

- 14 days
HR call interview
Google Meet technical interview
Final interview with CTO, Poland

Our company


Warsaw, Lublin, Funchal, Berlin, Oslo, Fredrikstad 70
Tech skills
  • Laravel
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal

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