About this position

The Delivery Centre at LEOCODE is the place where your services can meet the need for collaboration. If you are a freelancer or just starting out in this model then we can offer you an interesting solution.

We are currently looking for people who want to join the Delivery Centre Community, through which clients from different markets around the world can have you at their fingertips. The cooperation model can be of various dimensions:

🐾 Complete outsourcing of services through external employment thanks to LEOCODE

🐾 Assignments for a specific number of hours per month to our partners 

🐾 Collaboration directly with us on our regular clients' projects.

 Join us if you… 

  • Have commercial experience in Node.js, PostgreSQL, NestJS
  • Have a very good command of written and spoken English (B2+)
  • Have experience in communication with international clients (especially commercial projects)
  • Have knowledge about unit tests, TypeScript and GIT



We are a software development company that has been operating on the international market for ten years. As part of our activities, we advise clients on how they can solve business problems using new technologies. We are interested in JavaScript, React.js and Node.js and more.

We are always on the hunt for talent and, above all, engagement, teamwork and initiative.
In return, we provide a highly supportive yet challenging environment in witch you can develop your natural skills and sharpen your instincts with our expert guidance.

We value friendliness and team spirit. You can simply be yourself, no dress-code or unnecessary guidelines - as long as you are a true team player.

We're ambitious and strive to be the best, so our culture is largely based around self-development and knowledge sharing. We want to grow, go to meetups and conferences, and we invest in your skills.

Do you prefer to work in early hours of the morning, or do you feel most productive under the cover of the night sky? Doesn't matter to us - work when you please.

We organize team get-togethers once a year to discuss our progress, get to know each other better, and party the same way that we work - hard!

We believe that remote work is the way of the future. Don't worry about stressing to get to the office on time - work from home, from a coffee shop, or from a sunbed by a pool. 

We are a software house, just better!