As part of our strategic partnership with one of the biggest financial institutions in the World, we are hiring various IT specialists, who will become part of their IT Service Center . The bank is an international organization dedicated to providing financing, advice, and research to developing nations to aid their economic advancement. The bank predominantly acts as an organization that attempts to fight poverty by offering developmental assistance to middle- and low-income countries. Our client is a provider of financial and technical assistance to individual countries around the globe. The bank considers itself a unique financial institution that sets up partnerships to reduce poverty and support economic development.

  • The candidate is expected to understand the requirement and design and build a table with all constraints as required.
  • The candidate is expected to understand the requirement and build Stored Procedures, Functions, Read Only & Materialized views, as required to meet the requirements.
  • The candidate should design and develop a data model to ensure availability of quality data, readily on demand, in required format and for a period as determined by the project team.
  • The candidate should be able to create normalized table structures.
  • The candidate should be able to trouble shoot performance issues in the DB and create necessary constraints and indexes to improve performance of the queries.
  • Examine and identify database structural necessities by evaluating client operations, applications, and requirements.
  • Assess database implementation procedures to ensure they comply with internal and external regulations.
  • The candidate should ensure a data model wherein there is least impact to the existing upstream and downstream systems.
  • Prepare accurate DB design and develop documents and reports for stakeholders as required and on demand.
  • Work with the teams on designing and implementing the migration of data from legacy systems.
  • Train other team members and stakeholders through training and individual support.
  • Offer support by responding to system problems in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate with clients, data users and key stakeholders and develop and achieve various long-term objectives for database structure.
  • Determine procedure to identify and collect all required data, validate process and recommend improvements.
  • Map data sources and targets for data movement and analyze it to ensure appropriate integrity and quality of all data.
  • Suitably address all data related issues such as system configuration and integration across platforms.
  • Tests on data to ensure integrity of same on data structure.
  • Prepare documents for data structure and maintain knowledge base for the data structure.
  • Candidate should help establish a data and reporting strategy that utilizes industry set of best practices, tools and frameworks to consistently and efficiently deliver information to our clients, through this custom-built application
  • The candidate will work closely with the business counterparts and IT teams, across geo-locations (more specifically Chennai and HQ) and to create the IT data Structure
  • The candidate will also identify the current paint points that need to be addressed as part of the new data architecture and provide solutions for the same.
  • The candidate will also be involved in working closely with the various IT teams, to ensure that the database solution meets the needs of all the stakeholders, from a functionality perspective and IT perspective.
  • The candidate will also make presentation (using PowerPoint, vision or any other tool) to various stakeholders and management on a need basis or as and when requested.
  • Create various DB model blueprints and work with the development team to deliver the vision.



The ideal candidate will have a solid understanding of Data Modeling and knowledge of stored procedure, functions, and creation of views using T-SQL.

  • Expert knowledge of T-SQL and MS-SQL
  • Expert knowledge of a DB design tool like SSMS or Rational Rose
  • Expert knowledge of creation of Stored Procedures using T-SQL/ MS-SQL
  • Expert knowledge of creation of Read only Views using T-SQL/ MS-SQL
  • Expert knowledge of creation of Materialized Views using T-SQL/ MS-SQL
  • Expert knowledge of creation of Functions using T-SQL/ MS-SQL
  • Determine database structural requirements by analyzing client operations, applications, and programming needs
  • Define database physical structure and functional capabilities to accommodate data integration requirements, security, back-up, storage and recovery specifications
  • Document and manage issues and actions
  • Document and manage issues and actions for the various IT components in the solution
  • Prepare and make presentations using MS PowerPoint to project stakeholders and management
  • Propose recommendations based on industry best practices
  • Provide estimates of level of work effort and time for completion
  • Provide fully documented work, instruction, and training to peers, as required
  • Maintain overall performance of database objects like stored procedures, tables, views and functions.
  • Atleast 6 years of experience


  • Preferably a Microsoft certified Data Engineer
  • Process analysis skills and ability to suggest improvements based on industry best practices
  • Ability to identify data needs, quality rules and data lineage.
  • Very good Knowledge of atleast one data modeling tool
  • Proven conceptual, analytical, and judgmental skills
  • Ability to critically analyze requirements and ensure completeness from a quality requirement perspective.
  • Should have a positive attitude and Excellent verbal and written communication skills and ability to communicate well with all stakeholders at all levels, technical as well as non-technical stakeholders
  • Ability to work directly with clients and management without supervision and to facilitate and navigate discussions with stakeholders to ensure clarity, prioritization, and consensus
  • Leadership skills and ability to work well with diverse team members, often in multiple locations
  • Ability to work with different points-of-view and lead the team to convergence, while always keeping the project objectives in sight
  • Excellent personal organization skills and ability to take things to closure without follow-ups
  • Experience of having worked in an Enterprise Data Wearhouse project
  • Understanding of Data Governance process and ability to identify data quality issues.
  • Knowledge of reporting dashboards

Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company is a global digital strategy and software engineering firm with over 17,000 international employees within its 58 offices in 29 countries. It is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. 

In January 2019, Luxoft was acquired by U.S. company DXC Technology. Luxoft partnered with LG Electronics to create a next-generation Autonomous Mobility concept vehicle that integrates consumers' personalized digital lifestyles into a driving experience. Luxoft enabled Switzerland's first Blockchain based e-vote platform with the City of Zug and Hochschule Luzern's Blockchain Lab.

Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company is a world-renowned company. It has been present on the Polish market for over 13 years. We have offices in Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Gdansk. We employ over 2,000 professional experts carrying out projects for over 100 clients from the financial, automotive, medical, tourist industries, etc. We work for many international clients, including the USA, Great Britain, and Switzerland.

So far, Luxoft Poland has made a name for itself as a company that offers work on innovative projects, we offer various experiences in the field of IT, opportunities for rapid development, an extensive training program, and attractive benefits for employees.

At present, 62% of Luxoft Poland employees come from Poland, and 38% from around 50 countries, including Ukraine, Brazil, India, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, USA, etc.

At Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company almost 80 percent of employees are experts with the "Senior" experience level, with at least five years of experience. We care about our employees, so every day we try to provide them with the best possible conditions for work and development.

Technology is our passion! We focus on top engineering talent means that you will be working with the best industry professionals from around the world. Because of that, Luxoft is a global family with an epic atmosphere – we love what we do!