RubiconMD, an innovative healthcare company bringing better care at lower costs to providers and their patients across the country. RubiconMD’s purpose-driven mission is to ensure that all patients have access to the care they need, no matter who they are or where they live. It’s no small order, but we achieve it with the right team. That’s why we hire empathetic, passionate, and strong leaders who are looking to make an impact in the world through our core values: Human, Agile, Innovative, & Collaborative.

If you’re a DevOps lead who is passionate about having a positive impact by revolutionizing the healthcare system and democratizing access to care, we’d love to learn more about you! 

Key responsibilities

  • Ownership over the software delivery pipeline; working in collaboration with application developers to champion best practices in CI/CD to ensure quality/confidence in releases
  • Provide end-to-end system monitoring tying together network, application, and infrastructure notifications/alerts
  • Design, implement, and secure our environments using infrastructure as code to appropriately secure, scale, and administrate the health of our systems
  • Administer cloud infrastructure to ensure appropriate service-level agreements around uptime, performance, and security measures

Desired skills and experience

  • AWS / Linux Environment
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform setup, administration, reporting
  • Linux environment administration and automation experience
  • Containerization of application to provide reliability and scale
  • DevOps Practices
  • Infrastructure as code tools (Cloudformation, Terraform)
  • Configuration management tools, (Ansible, Chef, Puppet)
  • Continuous integration (CI) tools (CircleCI, Jenkins)
  • Monitoring (Datadog, New-relic, Splunk)
  • Delivery Team
  • Working in Agile environments, directly on scrum teams
  • Experience working alongside application engineers to understand their needs and solutioning in partnership
  • 5-8+ years of professional experience

Our Stack

Everything’s up for debate but we want to leave you with a good idea of what tools we are using today. Maybe tomorrow we’ll try something else and maybe something you’ve seen before might be worth a try!

At the highest level, we are hosted in AWS with our Ruby on Rails backend and Angular frontend being deployed within containers. We process tasks asynchronously and leverage a frontend cache to help reduce network calls against our GraphQL APIs. Our Data Science team works off a data lake, pulling data frames into python for reporting and analytics.

This is the general idea and we’re happy to jump into all the details with you!

How We Work

We use scrum to organize into delivery teams which are autonomous, and responsible for holistically delivering features and pilots to our users. Our teams include fullstack, frontend, backend, and quality assurance engineers. We round out the team with a dedicated Scrum Coach and Product Owner. These teams operate on a two week sprint, or adjusting as business needs evolve.


The target salary range for this position is $140,000-160,000 and we anticipate that most qualified candidates will fall near the middle of this range. Compensation for the successful candidate will be determined by the candidate’s unique combination of knowledge, skills, competencies, and experience. This role is also eligible for employee benefits and other compensation.

Our Hiring Philosophy

RubiconMD’s founding mission is to democratize medical expertise, so that all patient populations have access to the care they need. In order to deliver on this, we focus on empowering primary care providers, who we believe are the key to a thriving, equitable health care system. It’s no small order, but we can achieve it with the right team. That’s why we hire people with drive and leadership, who are also highly accountable—to each other, to the providers we serve, and to the impact we exist to make.