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Your tasks

As a DevOps designers/developers , you will influence and define the framework of implementing DevOps for our client. You are passionate about automation of the whole process from development to production, and you are pragmatic and good at guiding developers within the principles of DevOps. You will be working both within new cloud-based solutions in Microsoft Azure, but also older solutions such as Mainframe.

It is important that the DevOps principles being implemented, creates value for business and ultimately our customers. It must have measurable effect on waste, delivery rate and quality, and at the same time contribute to a high level of satisfaction of the employees adopting this.

Your primary tasks will to:

  • Contribute to DevOps strategy, while continuously ensuring creating value
  • Ensure continues delivery on new projects, 'first time right', and assist in how we include older platforms, including mainframe, on the DevOps journey
  • Improve monitoring and alerting for operation
  • Assist with the implementing of DevOps in the agile teams (eat our own dogfood)
  • Be internal consultant on DevOps and adviser to some teams for our client
  • You are passionate about 'Continuous Delivery'

Project description

Our client has come a long way on the journey towards working with the agile implementing SAFe. Today he has 11 agile release trains (ARTs), and altogether 75 agile development teams who implement new concepts and even stronger IT-solutions for the banks.

You will become part of a new department and with very skilled colleagues with different specializations within DevOps, both in Roskilde as well as in Poland. The department is especially attractive because of its area of focus, to ensure a higher efficiency and quality.

Who we're looking for?


  • Have a background as developer and a good sense of the principles of 'good code', and preferably knowledge of tools to support this
  • Have previous experience in methods of DevOps, concepts, implementation or similar
  • Have a 'full stack' experience, not only for developing, but also knowledge of areas like: developer tools, infrastructure, monitoring tools, network and preferably security
  • Have previous experience with several of the following technologies: Git, Azure, Event bus/Kafka, Docker, IaC/Terraform, Configuration Management, Logging and Application Performance Monitoring, Java, Angular, COBOL
  • Have a relevant analytic education within IT
  • Master English on a high level both written and oral


  • Danish language (both written and oral)


Our company


Gdańsk, Wrocław, Warsaw, Krakow, Zug 13000
Tech skills
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • .Net

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