Lead Data Scientist

Bizon Sp. z o.o.
20 000 - 30 000
net / month (B2B)
20 000 - 30 000
gross / month (Employment contract)
20 000 - 30 000
gross / month (Other contract)

Online interview
B2B Employment contract
Al. Jerozolimskie 100, Warsaw
Remote possible
Paid vacation

Project description

Algopolis.ai is a quantitively focused hedge fund start-up developing comprehensive trading and investment strategies based on the methods of artificial intelligence and of advanced statistical analysis. We started working on AI-driven trading strategies two years ago. After promising initial results, our team of mathematicians, data scientists and traders, located in Warsaw, London, and New York is expanding and looking for new talent.

We offer an opportunity of joining a small but dynamic international team with diverse expertise, working on a project with significant potential and involving cutting edge AI-methods.

Two years ago, we started building a platform that provide Al-driven trading strategies more effectively than those created by humans. We are looking for trading signals beyond technical indicators in data sources like fundamentals, sentiments and others. To analyze data and develop strategies we Use most advanced neural networks, NLP and reinforcement learning. We operates on US Equities, Options, CFDs, and Futures.

Your tasks

You would join our 18-person team of mathematicians, data scientists, traders working on:

  • extracting, cleaning and analyzing essential information from raw financial data, 
  • building predictive models of future stock price movements based on our knowledge of financial markets and the methods of statistical analysis and neural networks,
  • developing market-beating and risk-optimizing portfolio strategies, involving methods of reinforcement learning.

Who we're looking for?

Algorithms: hands-on experience with machine learning, statistical methods and reinforcement learning

We are looking for people who can dive into data and come out with fresh insights and share them with the team. Therefore, experience in data analysis and finance is necessary.

You would join a 18-person team of mathematicians, data scientists, traders and developers located in Warsaw, London and New York. We are looking for self-driven, creative data scientists to help us build algorithms for trading signals and strategies.

Most of our tools are Python based so familiarity with this language is a must. We are looking for people who can dive into data and come out with fresh insights and share them with the team.

We are open to meeting people from any background. Experience in data-driven consulting or software development can be an advantage. We offer the opportunity to work with a great team and have a hands-on impact on shaping our Al-driven product.

Additional monitor
Personal container
Freedom to pick your tools
Operating system
Work environment
Work time division
New features
Bug fixing
  • Equity
  • Financial bonus
  • Cold beverages
  • Hot beverages
  • Trainings
  • Books
  • Bicycle parking
  • Shower
  • Chill room
  • Integration events

Our company

Bizon Sp. z o.o.

Warsaw 18
Tech skills
  • Python
  • The Future of Algo Trading Powered by AI
  • Tensorflow

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