Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Luxoft Poland
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Project description

Are you fascinated by data and building robust data and machine learning pipelines which process massive amounts of data at scale and speed to provide crucial insights to the end customer? Tourism industry giant is looking for top engineering talent to strengthen the teams, building data assets and products to support a variety of applications and services for their lines of businesses and external partners.

Your tasks

  • Work on software design with team of data science and machine learning specialists
  • Support data scientists in deploying new models, monitoring performance and debugging issues
  • Optimize, measure and improve performances (latency, accuracy, drifts, etc.) of data science models in production , based off Tensorflow/MLeap (deep learning/neural network architecture) and other methodologies within Python and Scala ML ecosystem
  • Perform data engineering (ETL, pipeline orchestration, monitoring) on big data (Spark 2.x/3x), on large data sets specifically for data science
  • Transform ML model prototype into scalable, serve-able models for use in APIs and apps
  • Build and enforce operational excellence - monitoring, alerting, dashboards, resiliency, back up, auto remediation on failures, CI/CD
  • Drive AWS, Qubole and Databricks cost and performance optimization, alongside platform system engineers

Who we're looking for?

  • Python, Scala, Apache Spark
  • SQL/NoSQL databases, ETL, big data
  • Knowledgeable in statistics
  • Experience with setting up CI/CD pipelines for ML and DS needs
  • Expertise in OOP, software design and best practices
  • AWS, Qubole, Databricks, Tensorflow/MLeap
  • Experience with learning-to-rank systems, deep learning, natural language processing, image processing
Work environment

Our company

Luxoft Poland

Krakow, Wrocław, Warsaw, Gdańsk 1500
Tech skills
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • Scala
  • Android
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Go

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