Senior Business Support Analyst

Senior Business Support Analyst

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Your tasks

As a Business Support Analyst, you will be responsible for executing regular processes (month end, quarter end), performing investigations and support business stakeholders with ad-hoc requests. The processes are required to meet regulatory commitments such as the Risk Models Backtesting, Month End Stress and Quarterly Model Parameter Update. Each process requires Risk Analytics to be configured to use unique inputs so that results can be produced and distributed to stakeholders. You will be required to confirm the correct inputs (such as Equity Collateral Haircuts), agree on a schedule, Configure Risk Analytics, Monitor Risk Analytics Runs, verify the output and distribute the results. The role will also require ability to understand the big picture of the system components design. To be successful in this role you will need hands-on skills such as Excel, SQL, editing files (XML, CSV), monitoring log files, executing jobs using command line and Autosys, ability to prepare and execute scripts (e.g. Windows or Linux). Liaising and building strong relations within IT and Finance. Team is working on a daily basis with stakeholders, providing the feedback and help with issue investigation across Risk Analytics.

Other duties will include:

  • Communicating and supporting business stakeholders regarding reported issues
  • Responding to business enquiries, performing analysis and prioritizing enquiries
  • Cooperating with other teams in the project to deliver the best solution
  • Suggesting changes for enhancement to the regular processes
  • Application enhancements and/or issues investigation
  • Automating current reports and processes.

Project description

About project:

We're developing a strategic risk-management platform in one of the World's Top 10 Investment Banks. It is a mission-critical project for the Client because it enables large scale Monte Carlo simulations to forecast future cash flows of derivative trades and portfolios along with quantification of associated risks, which are used by Client's traders across the world. It is also used for Stress testing and runs hundreds of potential economic scenarios to confirm Bank's readiness for various business conditions to market regulators. Calculated exposures are used for Basel 3 reporting, RWA calculations, trading limits, valuation of Market and Credit risks etc.

This platform performs overnight data loading and runs batch processing during the day to deliver data to downstream systems according to strict SLAs. It is also capable of intraday online calculations. This is a legacy platform to an extent, but we keep developing new components and modify existing ones, there is more development than support activities. Also, there is undergoing Automation program sponsored by Client's top management in order to bring platform to modern and automated delivery process. We strive to reduce manual work and bring best engineering ideas to life.

Our team:

We're part of Client's Risk Analytics IT department, there is around 80 Luxoft professionals organized into several cross-functional development and supporting teams. Team size is 8-10 people, with a Team Lead, .Net developers, Oracle developers, QA Engineers and System analysts. We generally follow 4 sprints development cycle, each sprint being 2 weeks, but team is free to adapt to their projects needs in terms of methodology and software development process. We value teamwork, as well as recognize individual contribution into success of the project.

Technology stack:

[Core development] - .Net 4.6.2, C# 6.0, Visual Studio 2017, xQuery, XSLT,, ApacheThrift, ASP.NET MVC (minor), Java 1.6 (minor), PL/SQL, SQL, TibcoEMS

[CI / DevOps] - GitHub, TeamCity, MS Build, SVN, Puppet, Nexus, NUnit, SonarQube, Docker, Unix, Elastic Stack (ELK), Bash

[DB] - Oracle 11g, MongoDB 4.0.1, MS-SQL BI (SSIS, SSAS)

[QA] - Jira X-Ray, PowerShell, Python

[Grid computing] - DataSynapse Grid server, Microsoft Azure

Opportunities for you:

  • Become a valuable expert by delivering top-notch Investment Banking regulatory programs (SIMM, CCAR, FRTB etc.)
  • Grow as a seasoned professional by working on a complex business-critical platform, learn from a team of over 100 experts
  • Favorable environment for career growth, which depends on your career goals: develop your seniority / change into new technology / grow into management. Good ambitions are very much appreciated
  • Ownership, hardworking and efficient ideas are rewarded
  • Bonus program to acknowledge top performers
  • New technologies / tools / inventions are appreciated by Client
  • Become professional in risk-management systems, which is highly demanded on Investment Banking market
  • Get experience with high performance system using distributed calculations and cloud computing
  • Occasional work from home is possible
  • Large amount of training materials from Luxoft, sponsorship of Certifications

Who we're looking for?

  • Experience as a business analyst or business support analyst
  • Good written and spoken English
  • Good MS Excel and SQL skills
  • Comfortable with Windows Operating System, executing batch processes
  • Good communication skills
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Knowledge of editing XML, CSV and JSON files
  • Understanding of cmd, Python, VB, PowerShell, bash
  • Degree in Computer Science or Economics
  • Familiarity/experience with Financial/IB domain
  • Experience with JIRA, Confluence

Our company


Gdańsk, Wrocław, Warsaw, Krakow, Zug 13000
Tech skills
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • .Net

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