• HR: Yes
  • Number of employees: 400
  • Capital: foreign
  • ul. Jaworska 11-13, Wrocław
  • ul. Myśliwska 14, Białystok
  • ul. Zwycięstwa 52, Gliwice
  • Rondo ONZ 1, Warsaw
  • Al. Wielkopolska 29/6, Poznań

About us

SoftServe is more than just technology and ideas. We are the place where talented and ambitious people can develop their passion.

We operate at the cutting edge of technology, exploring, transforming, accelerating, and optimizing the way large enterprises and software companies do business.

The first Poland’s SoftServe office was opened in Wroclaw in 2014. At the moment, the company has its offices in five locations in Poland – Wroclaw, Gliwice, Bialystok, Poznan and Warsaw and employs more than 400 people. And yes, we are still growing.

Why it's worth to work with us

  • Non-corporate culture
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Clear and user-friendly career development process


  • Healthcare package
  • Healthcare package for families
  • Leisure package
  • Leisure package for families
  • Cold beverages
  • Hot beverages
  • Fruits
  • Snacks
  • Lunches
  • Adaptation tips
  • Language courses
  • Temporary housing
  • Help finding an apartment
  • Visa Services
  • Sign up bonus
  • Flight ticket
  • Money for moving expenses
  • Conferences
  • Trainings
  • Books
  • Shower
  • Chill room
  • Playroom for children
  • Integration events

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