Netcentric, A Cognizant Digital Business

Netcentric, A Cognizant Digital Business



Netcentric is a digital service provider that transforms customer experiences for the world’s greatest brands by unleashing the full potential of the Adobe Experience Cloud. We support clients throughout the entire process chain - from consulting and development through to marketing operations - helping them execute their digital strategy. Our leadership in the industry is rooted in our expertise in integrating the Adobe digital marketing technology. As part of the Cognizant Digital Business, we are able to provide our clients with an enhanced portfolio of business critical digital experience solutions, strengthening our combined position as a leading customer experience player in Europe. 

Tech stack

javajavascripthtmlcssvue.jsAEMadobe analytics

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Packages and extras

  • Conferences
  • Trainings
  • Language courses
  • Financial bonus
  • Leisure package
  • Healthcare package
  • Books

Relocation package

  • Temporary housing
  • Flight ticket


  • Car parking
  • Bicycle parking
  • Cold beverages
  • Hot beverages
  • Fruits
  • Snacks
  • Shower
  • Chill room
  • Integration events