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We are a team of engineers with strong technical know-how, and we enjoy complicated, unconventional projects. We are based in Kraków, Poland, but our clients come mostly from New York and San Francisco Bay Area.

Work culture

We draw from the experience of working with global startups and lead our projects using agile software development methodologies. We are quick to react to the changes in product development, and we are always ready for the plot twists.

Team & Technology

As the challenges we like to take on are exceptional, we focus on building an exceptionally talented team. We hire developers who are flexible, willing to change projects and learn new technologies.

We choose our technologies based on whether it is the best fit for the project. While we have always been happy to try out new, cutting-edge technologies, we choose them by reason, not by fleeting trends. In most of our projects, we use React, React Native, Node.js, Python, Ruby on Rails and Elixir — but we do not like to limit ourselves.

Open source

We build our own tools. We actively contribute to open source, working, among others, on Expo, Membrane, React Native Reanimated and Gesture Handler.

Sharing our expertise

App.js Conf

We organize the very first React Native & Expo conference in Europe. During App.js Conf attendees can meet the creators of Expo and core contributors to React Native. They can learn about new libraries and projects first-hand and network with hundreds of other React Native professionals.

React Native Community Kraków (RNCK)

We host regular meetups for the local React Native enthusiasts. During those events everyone can meet core members of the community, learn and share ideas.


RTC.On is a conference focused on multimedia streaming and development. We take a deep look at various streaming protocols, architecture of web servers, audio and video codecs, AI enhanced video processing, and much more.


Regular meetups on the topic of Blockchain and Web3. We’re authors of Starknet Foundry (a fast toolkit for developing Starknet contracts) and Scarb (a build toolchain and package manager for Cairo programming language), so we know a thing or two about decentralized software development.

Join our team in Kraków!

We put a lot of energy into creating a welcoming and comfortable workplace. We strive to maintain a good atmosphere and pay a lot of attention to the way jobs are carried out.

If that sounds interesting to you, check out our open positions.

Tech stack

React NativeJavaScriptTypeScriptAndroidiOSElixirNode.js

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