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We are a start-up company growing out of an established tech hub called Setapp. We are looking for investors and business partnerships to show our product to the transport and logistics industries, albeit the possibilities are far more extensive. We are open to any new ideas for using SIMMERSIV worldwide. Moreover, our solution is 100% scalable, so it is up to your business’s particular needs. 

IDEA – Virtual reality professional training

By implementing VR, companies can craft experiences that are far more memorable and engaging than traditional methods to simulate highly specialized real-world products for training purposes. This tool can help you transfer experiences and knowledge at your company like you never imagined. VR training offers an affordable way to upskill your employees and train professional drivers, warehouse employees, construction site workers, etc. We want to underline that virtual reality learning and professional training is not new idea. Honestly, worldwide research proves that this is a beneficial way of learning.

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