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Appliscale is an IT consulting company specializing in Adtech, Cloud and Scalability solutions.

Appliscale has partnered with some of the biggest names in digital advertising, gaming and gambling such as Verizon Media and Novomatic to name a few.

Currently, we are looking for engineers to join one of three projects: 

  • In the Adtech area, we deliver Java-based project for partner located in New York. We use reactive programming (Vert.x, RxJava), developing fully automated, immutable infrastructure on AWS, aiming to process billions of requests every day. We also use PostgreSQL, Kafka, and Docker (both dev and production). Joining us you will be working in a team of 6 professionals.

  • Research and development project for a leader in the gambling industry. We aim to deliver a solution based on a complex event-processing paradigm, using Java, Scala, Akka and NoSQL databases orchestrated with Docker and Kubernetes.

We help our clients not only with feature development, but also bring experience around project and product management, production maintenance, requirements analysis, cost analysis and performance optimizations.

Remote first company - we do have an office but are used to work with remote clients and teams. We put a big emphasis on asynchronous communication and are very light on processes and meetings.

To deliver solutions for our clients we use technologies best suited for a given use case. We deliver full stack solutions with scalable backend stacks in Java / Erlang / C++, frontends built in Angular or React, and infrastructure deployed on AWS or client’s premises.

We are used to working with demanding scale and put emphasis on performance optimization and design of high throughput systems. We have experience in data processing areas such as real-time data analysis, reporting pipelines, and forecasting engines.

We have a holistic approach to our development process and believe that you should fully own solutions you deliver. This means that we are big advocates of DevOps culture, automation, IaaC and CI/CD. If you like a total ownership approach you will feel at home here.

Last but not least we believe in an engaging work environment where people can use their passions and develop their skills and interests.


Our office is located in Krakow and we have remote team members throughout Poland and Europe.

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