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The 360 Code Lab is part of the Austrian holding myWorld, which develops innovative products and services and optimizes existing business models for their market conformity. The aim of the 360 Code Lab is to develop state of the art technologies and to make ideas become reality.

True to the motto: “Be different in order to generate great results”, dedicated technology enthusiasts, lateral thinkers and code poets will work together to master even the most complex technical challenges. In short, the 360 Code Lab is a place where motivated developers will be working on cutting edge projects in a super modern office in the Warsaw Spire Tower.

We are burning to break new ground, break traditional thinking patterns and implement creative solutions. We are looking for people who want to shape our company and make a difference, and for whom a responsible, respectful togetherness is a matter of course. If you can identify with that, you're well on the way to starting a long-term career with a successful, internationally expanding company. Send your CV and become a part of 360 Code Lab family!

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