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Miinto is one of Europe’s largest e-commerce fashion platforms with more than 5.000 brands and a presence in 13 markets. Founded in 2009, Miinto is going through an ongoing and intense internationalization process and currently operates in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Finland, and Switzerland.

Miinto focuses on providing its customers with the broadest and finest assortment of fashion clothing and accessories from international fashion brands dedicated to men, women, and children.

We’re building a tech platform that powers millions of users worldwide finding the best luxury boutiques online. A foundation of open source technologies and micro service driven architecture, enable autonomous teams of the brightest minds to innovate quickly and address complex technical challenges. We break the norms and don’t fear going above and beyond to provide value to our customers in new and unexpected ways.
Building a system of this scale is hard, but having fun while doing it is half the journey.

Tech stack

Google Cloud PlatformInternet ApplicationsAsynchronous data processing and queue systems

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