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We are an organization conducting IT recruitment processes in an innovative way.

Our services respond to the needs of companies using external sources to acquire candidates for recruitment processes. We also encourage those who would like to see for themselves and clearly feel the impact of the recruitment function’s outsourcing on achieving the company's goals. 

The modern approach is characterized by a set of best practices aimed at acquiring top candidates from the market while ensuring excellent process organization.  

<​exioo> is a recruitment partner that is in touch with the needs of its customers and the expectations of candidates. 

8 Principles behind <​exioo>: 
1. Comprehensively
2. Flexibly
3. Timely
4. Effectively
5. Efficiently
6. Professionally
7. Simply
8. Safely 

 In <​exioo> the recruitment processes are conducted by experienced recruiters with a record of successes in acquiring candidates and providing full customer service. 

View the profiles of our recruiters and do not hesitate to contact us to find out how pleasant and effective it can be to work with <​exioo> recruitment partner :) 

You can also contact us at contact@exioo.com
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