About us

At Int4 we’re focused on saving time and money while developing SAP interfaces. Our team consists of SAP experts (including an SAP mentor) who actively publish books, articles that contribute to the development of this ERP system. Working with us means being able to develop your professional career and spread your wings by cooperating with some of the best specialists in our business. We work globally and our clients are based in Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and the USA.

Our company culture is defined by three values: balance, competences and relationships. We believe that planning and completing the most important tasks first is the key to be effective at work. Moreover, we strive to master our skills within the so called “Int4 Academy” where everyone can share knowledge with colleagues. Team trust and teamwork are visible as soon as you enter our workplace.

Int4 works for world leaders. Our clients & partners are rapidly growing and modern institutions. Therefore, we can gladly work on excellent state-of-the-art projects which allow us to broaden our minds, tackle different, complex challenges and master our skills in many areas. We’re passionate about what we do and thanks to that, we’re more than happy to share our experience, expertise and knowledge by actively publishing books or articles about SAP.

What you would create with us?

Int4 IFTT - solution for automated testing SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Cloud Integration and other SAP Application Interfaces. Website:

Why it's worth to work with us

  • Our team consists of wordl-renowned SAP integration experts (including 2 SAP Mentors). Joining us means: ● Taking part in projects dedicated to international enterprises, travelling to different parts of the world, ● Having a chance to learn from some of the best specialists in SAP business, ● Gaining experience in programming using ABAP language and being involved in SAP Process Orchestration, HANA as well as the development of the Int4 IFFT tool that automatically tests integration, ● Expanding knowledge with regards to ERP systems and business processes that are implemented in many different companies. ● Having an opportunity to possess both technical and modular SAP certificates. We’re also happy to pay for a company flat (2 months) for employees outside of Poznań.


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