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PubNub offers realtime infrastructure-as-a-service, and provides enterprise-grade security, 99.999% SLA-backed reliability, and global scalability to support the largest realtime deployments, all via simple APIs and 70+ SDKs. Additionally, developers can take advantage of value added features for application areas like chat, collaboration, IoT device control, and realtime updates to further accelerate build and release times.

What you would create with us?

PubNub set out in 2009 to develop a Data Stream Network (DSN) for developers to build realtime apps as easily as building a web page, without worrying about security, reliability, or scalability. The PubNub DSN provides global cloud infrastructure and key building blocks for realtime interactivity, and lets developers focus on customer innovation. Today, PubNub powers thousands of realtime apps around the world, from innovative start-ups to globally recognized brands, like Adobe, eBay and Samsung. We handle trillions of realtime transactions per month from over 300 million unique devices. And we offer <250 millisecond latency around the world, through our 15 global Points of Presence. Learn more about how PubNub works and start building your own realtime apps today!


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