• HR: No
  • Number of employees: 20
  • Capital: mixed
  • 175 Varick St., 7th floor, New York, 10014 NY, USA, New York

About us

We are IT consulting company. Our expertise covers:

  • Complex Back-end Systems 
  • Front-end Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps 
  • DevOps & Cloud Infrastructure 
  • Enterprise Application Development 
  • Data Analytics and Big Data 
  • Tech Recruitment Services 
  • Custom Technology Consulting

Our employees are specialists in various fields such as Product Management, Software Engineering, JavaScript, Python, Node, Deployment, Big Data, Quality Assurance, and more. This allows us to have a more holistic and deeper approach to a problem. We bring together people that believe work is passion and whose mission is to bring ideas to life. Many years, thousands of working hours have rendered and hundreds of implemented projects have honed us. We get to know countless technologies, have gained experience and developed processes that allow us to effectively deliver specific solutions.

                             WE CARE ABOUT MORE THAN JUST TECHNOLOGY                     
                                              YOUR BUSINESS IS OUR FOCUS

When working on a project, we build an interdisciplinary team that aligns with your needs. The team is there to support you and to make sure that your project remains on track. Working together with our clients allows us to see beyond the code and grasp their business objectives.

 DevsData LLC helps businesses cut costs and increase revenue with custom software. Our knowledge and flexibility lets us serve both established enterprises and growing companies.

 Apart from deeply-experienced technical specialists, we also involve people from top European business universities, alumni of elite student business programs, and people with consulting experience (BCG, EY, PwC).


What you would create with us?

                                                WE MAKE REMARKABLE PRODUCTS
                                             AND WE'LL MAKE YOURS AMAZING TOO

Enterprise Resource Management 
Enterprise software that we have built is an intuitive application for planning resources, managing tasks, and projects in an effective way. Thanks to this, the firm could increase its productivity and efficiency, reduce operating costs, and increase profits.

Klaim: Mobile App & back-end
It is a B2C iOS application that allows its users to find otherwise “unclaimed properties” for them and their families using the database they possess as well as external resources via web scraping. A data aggregator, with an extensive Back-End logic responsible for an intelligent information scoring and matching, is combined with an elegant Front-End design on iOS.

Tech Recruitment Experience
An international fashion corporation decided to undergo a radical digital transformation in order to outrun its competitors. We assembled a core technology team (Machine Learning, Software UX/UI, and operations) for several company departments. We recruited 26 people for a Scandinavian corporation, including developers, UI/UX designers, managers and more.

Orange Charger LLC - Fast-growing SF Startup
Mobile app connecting extensive back-end system with modern UI/UX design, that enables property owners offer renters a simple vehicle charging solution.

AI and Big Data for Pharma 
Thanks to our solution that relies on finding Drug Side-effect Reviews in Social Media using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing - drug safety surveillance systems can be easily improved by incorporating the knowledge extracted from social media into them.

Big Data and Data Analytics Projects
With regard to Big Data projects, we have been helping companies in various industries such as financial services and telecommunication, making every effort to implement projects and provide the best possible protection of confidential data. Our experts have been operating and troubleshooting the 900-node YARN Hadoop cluster at Spotify, becoming certified Hadoop specialists. We are also familiar with Jupyter, Airflow, Spark, Hive LLAP, Hortonworks, Hue, Amazon EMR, AWS Glue, Datalake, etc.

                                                     And many, many other. Read more:

Each stage of app development has its challenges. You might experience misguided ideas, technical difficulties that would deplete your budget. To minimize risks and get the best possible outcome, we slice projects into phases and adjust the way we work to deliver a complete and stable solution.

Why it's worth to work with us

  • DevsData LLC is a boutique software agency, with Google-level engineers and a vast network of senior expert contractors. We’re all about premium quality and business understanding.
  • Customer-oriented approach
  • Ethics in tech, honesty and no-BS approach
  • DevsData’s development process is supervised by business consultants with corporate experience (including a former partner of BCG) which guarantees our software is a great market fit.
  • We make weekly status & feedback calls with our clients. The client is updated on the progress every day.
  • In DevsData LLC we do not have the sales & marketing overhead, so we are able to provide more experienced specialists for a more competitive price.
  • Our projects are consulted by business advisors with 10+ years of corporate experience.
  • As for 2020, 62% of our engineers are tech meet-up speakers or open-source contributors.
  • DevsData LLC is fully flexible in terms of working hours. On the client’s request, we are also ready to relocate to his headquarters for the project duration.
  • Battle-tested work methodology
  • We are good also for startups
  • We read about tech, even after hours
  • We are serious about security


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  • Adaptation tips
  • Language courses
  • Temporary housing
  • Help finding an apartment
  • Visa Services
  • Sign up bonus
  • Flight ticket
  • Money for moving expenses
  • Conferences
  • Trainings
  • Books
  • Shower
  • Chill room
  • Playroom for children
  • Integration events

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