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10Clouds is a place created by software developers, where you can work on exciting projects in a team of ambitious professionals. We work with clients located all around the world, working remotely or in one of our three main locations.

We focus on services related to web & mobile development and product design. We’ve won a number of awards for our work and have worked for a huge range of global clients, from start-ups to large corporations such as Pinterest, Facebook and Orange. We take extreme ownership of our work, working together to produce outcomes. In practice, this means you will have influence over what technologies are used and how a project is approached.

We’ve practiced remote work since the company was first established, approaching all projects with an agile mindset. Our cross-functional teams can work from anywhere but we also have office space in 3 main locations in Poland: Warszawa, Wrocław and Poznań. We believe wellbeing at work starts with trust, good relationships and having the right processes in place so that each and every Cloud can take joy in their work.

We’re always looking for Software Developers, Designers, Agile Project Managers and Cloud Engineers driven by the passion for creating beautiful code. By joining 10Clouds, you sign up for the professional adventure of your life that will allow you to improve your skills in all areas. Get to know us better and join us in our mission to change the world through technology.

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