Synergy Codes

  • HR: Yes
  • Number of employees: 50+
  • Capital: Polish
  • ul. Powstańców Śląskich 15, Wrocław

About us

Synergy Codes Software House specializes in creating custom business software for companies from all around the world. We develop tailor-made web applications powered by top technologies, covered by premium GoJS consultancy. Besides, for our business partners, we build dedicated software development teams of top-of-the-field IT experts.

We believe in the power of the most up-to-date technologies in the industry, which make our work even more fascinating. We are crazy about new trends, so we grasp every opportunity to implement them in our projects.

It is people that make Synergy Codes a great company to work at. For us, software development has always been a passion. We are always open to any opportunity for cooperating with open-minded talents at any stage of their careers.

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