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Directio is a global IT services company.

We consult, code, test, deploy and manage mainly cloud-based and mobile applications. We provide around the clock support from our offices in Poland, the Philippines, Mexico and the United States.

We address the unique challenges businesses face through consulting, developing, and rapidly delivering top-notch tech products. Our goal is to not only tackle today’s business hurdles but also prepare our clients for the future by accelerating their digital transformation.

We specialize in:

  • cloud solutions
  • end-to-end software development
  • staff augmentation
  • ongoing support
  • data visualisation

We have extensive experience in serving the FMCG, retail, automotive, SaaS, and IT services sectors.

“We Code Success” is our guiding principle.

“We code success” means we’re not just writing lines of instructions, crafting prompts or closing tickets. We want everyone associated with us – our clients, partners and employees – to be successful. Successful clients recommend our services to other successful clients – the same is true of partners and employees.

“We code success” means focusing on our clients’ needs first. It means making sure we have a solid understanding of the issue before we propose a solution. It means remaining technology neutral as well as being transparent about what our strengths are and what’s possible. It means being receptive to feedback and consistently working to improve our performance. This approach leads to successful clients who remain with us for many years.

“We code success” also means taking excellent care of our consultants. It means taking each person as an individual. Our people have families, friends, interests and lives beyond work – we try to support them in these areas as much as possible. Great people are a precious resource we try to acquire, nurture and grow over many years. Our low turnover, long tenured staff and consistently high eNPS score is a testament to this approach.

Tech stack

JavaJavascriptAngularJSPHP.NETASP.NETRuby on RailsC#Visual BasicPythMySqlNode.jsPythonKotlinExpress.jsjQueryVue.jsCSSReactWordpressTypescriptReduxSpringBootstrapRESTAzureSalesforceAWSSharepointVBAOraclePower BIKafkaPostgresSQLSeleniumJasmineCypressCucumberSoap UIApiumXamarin

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