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We are a young, energetic team working with passion on international projects.

Swiss CompanyHouse is the leading trade register and economic information platform in Germany. With more than 8.5 million companies and executives, CompanyHouse is the most comprehensive free source for up-to-date company and business information. The data about companies, individuals and markets are intelligently linked from public sources, in order to help small and micro businesses build and grow their business relationships.

Swiss Ticos Systems Group is for 25 years the most powerful solution in the field of fitness, swimming pools and recreational facilities for DACH area. The system comprehensively manages business areas, maps and centrally maintains business-specific processes (including access control, warehouse management, member administration, accounting, invoicing and staff management).

Tech stack

AngularPHPjQueryGitPostgreSQLNginxOOPSOLIDYiiMVCRest APILinuxWeb scrapingData miningNatural language processingData scienceMachine learningContinuous integrationComposernpmSass/LessJava ScriptTDDHTML&CSSgulpASP.NET CoreC#EF CoreMSSQLAsure

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