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Don't waste time on servers & Kubernetes. The future is serverless! We are looking for smart people who will join us in building the future of digital identity. We have huge, world-famous names as customers (FAANG et al.). Joining us will future-proof your career. Our stack is 100% serverless. We run entirely on AWS Lambda and on managed services provided by AWS. We don't blindly follow any "Agile" development methodology like Scrum etc. Instead, our process is fluid and we change it ourselves. What we care about is true agility which we see as equipping everyone with the ability to change course whenever it makes sense. We work with self-directed people who have autonomy and responsibility. Our teams are in direct contact with customers without proxies and can influence where we go in the future. We are a 100% remote-native team. Our recruitment process primarily focuses on your overall intellectual potential and social aptitude. 

Tech stack

JavaScriptSoftware engineeringWeb application securityBulding highly-scalable systemsAuthentication on the webBasic understanding of HTTPSAWS LambdaTypeScriptServerless

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