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We are a team of experts and part of the global ING group. At ING Hubs Poland we deliver end-to-end IT and operational services at ING worldwide.

We have been active in the IT field since 2003. However, we wouldn't be ourselves if we didn't set ourselves more challenges! After all, we inspire people to be one step ahead - both in life and in business. That is why we are constantly expanding our portfolio of activities with further services and technologies.

But our company is first and foremost about our people, who create a unique atmosphere based on relationships. We act together, inspire each other and support each other in achieving our goals. 

Our Areas:

IT Security

To ensure ING customers’ safety we analyze, monitor, implement and audit IT environments. Our experts specialize in security event monitoring, technical compliance monitoring and vulnerability scanning. 


We manage IT infrastructure based on our Computer Centers, providing services in the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) layer. We cover a full technological range, from computer networks and servers to business application support services. 

Application services

We develop and improve existing solutions - from applications and platforms to the advanced file transfer system, connection networks or data management and processing. 

Remote Management services

Managing remote services goes hand in hand with scalability, automation and security. In this area, we focus on managing operating systems, databases and middleware on resources contained in the customers data centre. 

Risk Hub

As a Centre of Expert Knowledge we shape the future of risk modelling and data analysis in Poland. Our ambition is to build an innovative community focused on risk and keep up the position of the top employer on the Warsaw labour market. 

Centralised People Services Hub

We provide Centralised People Services Hub services in the field of comprehensive support for the employment cycle of ING employees, such as onboarding, changes in employment, data update, salaries and benefits, offboarding. Additionally, we provide Contact Centre services for ING employees, supporting HR questions. 

Compliance Hub

We are an integral part to the implementation of our Global Compliance strategy, together with other Centres of Excellence. We deliver for (and with) ING globally specialist expertise in the second line, Compliance, with a focus on financial crime prevention (FCC) as well as Conduct Compliance & Culture (CC&C). 

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Our goal of this service is to get to know the bank’s clients and their behaviours in order to protect them from economic crime and using bank for money laundering. In this area, we distinguish Post Transaction Monitoring that monitors suspicious transactions, and Customer Due Diligence that provides detailed analysis of a client’s situation. 

Tech stack

JavaPythonAnsibleKubernetesMicrosoft AzureGoogle Cloud.NetLinuxGitlabAngularTomcatKafkaSparkNessusElasticSearchVMware

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