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Hi, we are DevSkiller! 

We’re looking for people to join our team to help us bring meaningful change to technical recruitment and talent management.

At DevSkiller, we’re proud of our creative working environment where all ideas are welcome. We enjoy experiments, collaborate freely, and always keep our goals in mind. We’re eager to take ownership and constantly look for ways to grow professionally. We learn from the best and collaborate with experienced field experts in a fast-paced but friendly workspace.

We remain agile and we are focused on delivering high-quality software fast. Of course, everything is automated, including infrastructure, provisioning, testing and deployment. Yet, our development process is very lean, with time to market (from commit to deployment) measured in minutes. We are not afraid of experimenting and treat “best tool for the job” very seriously. Sometimes it’s Spark, sometimes GCP cloud function in Python, sometimes no-code automation. A lot of improvements and features were invented by our engineers. I once heard from one of the developers that working at DevSkiller is “the first time I can’t complain about anything”. The atmosphere in the office is incredible. And out of the office as well!

Tech stack

JavaKubernetesPythonSQLJavaScriptGoogle Cloud PlatformTypeScriptReactAngular

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