Etteplan Poland Sp. z o.o.

  • HR: Yes
  • Number of employees: 160+
  • Capital: foreign
  • Business Garden Wrocław, ul. Legnicka 48 G, 54-202 Wrocław, Wrocław
  • Szyperska Office Center, ul. Szyperska 14, 61-754 Poznań, Poznań

About us

Etteplan is a progressive group of more than 3.400 global technical specialists who are working to spark positive change in the world of engineering. We believe that solving tomorrow’s engineering challenges will require a different, more structured, focused approach.

Based on our deep industrial insights in varied sectors, we apply new thinking in three service areas: engineering, embedded systems & IoT as well as technical documentation. Our specialists apply unique engineering expertise and service products over the entire product life cycle.

With over 60 offices in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and China we provide a truly global business environment. In our virtual expert teams there are many opportunities for professionals who are passionate about learning and sharing knowledge. If this sounds interesting, let’s get together and see how we can make an engineering difference together.

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