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CryptoBiz Exchange is an advanced trading platform that facilitates in buying, selling and trading of virtual assets using fiat currency as well as other digital assets. Built on by experts with immense knowledge in cryptocurrencies trading, CryptoBiz Exchange provides an experience that can be regarded as of institutional grade for both the professional big guns of Crypto trading and the beginners who want to make an entrance to the world of Crypto alike. The company has its financial headquarters in Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Maakri tn 25, 10145, Estonia.This document also introduces CBZ, a utility token backed by CryptoBiz, and its role in the ecosystem. We launched CBZ tokens to involve our community in helping us build out CryptoBiz and reward them accordingly for contributing to our success. We aim to share the rewards of the success and growth CryptoBiz earns with our early adopters and investors.

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