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 Let`s take a closer look at Zoolatech:

  • We are an IT company that combines an extensive technology stack, flexibility, and charity projects. We are free from bureaucracy, and we share the idea of digital transformation. 
  • We are responsible and know thatwe create our own environment, so we strive to take care of others.
  • We encourage and support colleagues in their desire to learn and develop professionally, so we reimburse for the cost of professional courses/conferences/webinars they want to attend. And we are always happy when they share professional insights with colleagues.
  • Work-life balance is natural and genuineat ZoolaTech. We work and then have fun. Work-life balance matters to us.
  • We build a community where values are as important as professional qualities. Business is first but primarily, people form our company; and we as a business, help them develop professionally.We embrace our mutual values, and we are looking out for those with whom they are close as well.

If you like creating, learning something new, and enjoying life, but you don't like inertia, a lack of initiative or meaningless work, then welcome aboard!

Our Story

It all started in 2017, when our Founders decided to implement an ambitious idea — to create a company where people could not only perform their duties and chat near the water cooler but make quality improvements, challenge themselves, take the initiative and implement their bold ideas.

It has been five years since our story began, and now we have more than 450 employees in different countries. As of now, we want to find more wonderful people to join our team in Poland because Poles are cool, and it's 100% there.

We believe that your workplace should help you realize your talents and dreams. Over the years, we have developed projects that enable our colleagues to open new horizons and talents. By the way, our core value is Zoola People, so we actually build our company's culture around our people.

At Zoolatech, everyone creates their own story: it can be about complex architecture, sports, a full and healthy life, or something completely new and exciting that you will bring to us. Everyone can create their initiative and unite others around it. 

Maybe you will be the initiator of one of our new projects. And we, in turn, will support you organizationally and financially and will keep our fingers crossed that everything will be good.

Here are some projects we already have underway in Ukraine & Mexico:

ZoolaTalk is a platform where you can gather anyone in any format to talk about what interests you - no matter what it is - any technical topic, hobby, or just something you want to share - any topic is welcomed.

ZoolaCare is a charity project that aims to support the desire of our colleagues to do good deeds and determine for themselves what good deeds the company's money will support financially. In the first quarter of 2022, we allocated 350,000 USD for charity initiatives.

ZoolaSport is an initiative that unites all our colleagues who play sports, share experiences, and enjoy sports.

ZoolaAcademy is our new project, in which novice IT professionals learn from our senior colleagues through lectures and practical classes so they’re ready to become part of one of our teams.

Zoolaguilds - under this brand, we encourage our colleagues to form interest groups, communicate, and create meetings at their own discretion, while we support and assist them as needed. 

All Hands is a quarterly meeting of all our colleagues, when founders talk about the company’s achievements and plans for the future and answer all our questions; and afterward, we arrange a party.


Our clients are awesome people who like what they do, so we work hard to make their products incredible. We help them achieve their desires and dreams.

We work with big entreprises and small startups from the USA and Europe. Our customers make the world better in many areas: Retail, Media & Entertainment, Logistics, FinTech, Renewable Energy, Healthcare, Agriculture, Construction & Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality and High Tech.

Check our Clutch page  👉 clutch.co/profile/zoolatech#portfolio 

Our Values

💬 Speak Up - we are not afraid of asking silly (as we think) questions, we know that we are empowered to make changes, we do not ignore injustice or indifference, and we ask for help when we need it.

💡 Learn from failure - We prefer to take risks and act rather than stand still. We love to learn and can make changes. We are careful not to make the same mistake twice.

💪 Extreme Ownership - We own everything we have: our work, our results, our relationships with colleagues and clients, our careers, and our professional growth. We do not blame others or circumstances.

👩‍💻 Zoola Clients - We want our customers to be with us forever. We care about the products we work on, and the people who use them.

🤸 Live a full, healthy life - We take care of our physical and mental health. We believe that happy and healthy people are more productive.

Is this about you? Join us to build our team in Poland. It’s going to be amazing. 

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