We build custom web apps, mobile apps, and eCommerce software to support innovative solutions in business.

Who are we?

We’re a multinational team working together since 2011. 

We’ve built a strong tech company that values client satisfaction, the natural environment, and employees’ well-being. We strongly belie that delivering great technical solution is not the only comment of the best quality service. 

We care for high standards of cooperation: communication and teamwork. We went Kiwee to be a company built by people and for people.

How do we work?

Kiwee people can work from anywhere and at any time. We strive to provide each other with proper feedback and documentation for each step of the process. We meet on daily stand-ups, company meetings, and 1on1s. 

As a team, we are growing together. We learn from each other. We embrace failures: we know that mistakes can happen, but we learn form them. We can give feedback and criticize the status quo openly. We shape it. We trust each other and believe.

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