Bisseti is a team of Talent Sourcing experts who have been filling even the most complex technical positions in IT and creative digital marketing positions for more than 10 years.

We work with IT companies regardless of their field (products, outsourcers, R&D centers, and startups). We form a core team from scratch and look for talent for existing teams.

✔ We go above and beyond the bare minimum thanks to the team’s expertise in both recruiting and HR.
✔ We even work with vacancies “with an asterisk”. Our recruiters will definitely not advise you to go to a job-posting website, but will help you find a great specialist with a limited budget or a complex stack.
✔ Our priority is not just to close the vacancy, but to conduct a series of in-depth interviews and find someone with whom there will be a “match” not only in terms of soft and hard skills, but also in terms of values. Onboarding each new team member costs about 3 times their monthly salary, which is why we find someone who will stay with you for a long time.
✔ Fast recruiting, thanks to our database of 50,000+ candidates who have already passed the prescreens so that you can save on project downtime.
✔ We conduct technical interviews and provide time-coded recordings to our partners. This can save time if you don’t want or can’t attend the interview, as well as if you are opening a new direction in the company.

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